Delrin-polymer Flutes for Irish Music: Forbes Flutes

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Polymer Flute Delrin Maker Irish Celtic

Contact Information

There is currently a wait of about three weeks. For more information please email me at the following address:
Polymer Flute Delrin Maker Irish

Prices and Ordering

Tunable keyless Pratten-style flute in Delrin, with metal rings, key of D$425
Foam-lined box$20
Screw-adjustable cap/cork (instead of one-piece, combined cap/cork)$15
Offset holes (for those with smaller hands)$15
Left-handed embouchure$15
Shipping to the U.S.$10
Shipping to Canada$25
Shipping to most other countries$30

Ordering and Payment: To order a flute, please send a $100 deposit and tell me what options you want. I can accept payment via check or PayPal (see note on PayPal fees below).

Approval: I want you to be happy with your flute. If after one week you feel it isn't working for you, you can return it. If I receive the flute in original condition I will refund your money (excluding shipping costs and PayPal fees if any).

PayPal: If using PayPal, make the payment to the email address shown above, and include enough additional money to pay PayPal fees. On the PayPal "Send Money" web page you will notice two tabs; one marked "Purchase" and the other "Personal". If making the payment via the "Purchase" tab, please add 3.5% to your payment amount to cover the fees that PayPal charges me to receive the payment. If you select the "Personal" tab, you may have the option to pay the fee yourself and possibly save some money.

Colorado Residents: Colorado residents must add applicable sales tax.